Empowering younge people for life.
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I am committed to bringing you and your school an assembly that will leave an indelible mark into the lives of all the students who attend. It will be filled with passion, emotion, humour and real life stories that will connect and inevitably change lives
- Daniel Paikea

I am so glad and grateful you have visited my website and I am excited and look forward to working with you!

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When I look back over the years and recall my teen years and the challenges that came with that season of life, it is no surprise to me that this generation faces many of the same challenges, and in a lot of cases more than I had to face. Today’s teens are craving for someone to understand, connect and speak with them directly and honestly about these challenges and help bring clarity to these “white water rafting years”. I am passionate about teens and love to empower them to negotiate the everyday challenges they face in life.

Sadly the vast majority of our youth are surrounded by a myriad of pressures from social pressures, peer pressure and cultural pressures to name a few. Every teen wants to be accepted and every teen wants to be a part of something that is bigger than them; but in a world that is so image driven, it can often drive our youth to make choices that have the potential to affect their entire future.

Daniel speaking

When I arrive on stage teens rapidly listen and pay attention to what I have to say; they find out that I have faced and dealt with many of the same challenges they face. And they will hear about some of the critical choices I made that have empowered me to be all I was designed to be! Teens will “catch” my passion for them to help inspire them to be all they were designed to be.

Daniel Speaking

My mission is to empower and equip teens to realize the potential in them and show them that their choices are connected to that potential. I am convinced that as youth and teens realize, understand and grab a hold of the fact that they can be all they have dreamt of being, inspiring them with a “vision” a “purpose” in life, it places them in good stead for their future. There is a proverb that goes like this: “without a 'vision' or 'purpose' people cast off restraint"...meaning when someone seemingly has nothing to live for, in our case teens and youth, they cast off that restraint. Another way to put it is when someone, in our case teens and youth, have a “vision” or “purpose” for their life they will restrain from making negative choices because this will take away from that purpose.

What Daniel says is both real and personal, with well over a decade working with teens. His ability to connect with teens and young people is second to none.
President Parent Teachers Association Westlake Boys High